Iron Man Armor Website - Legit?


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The whole suit is not ABS, it is mostly EVA. Only certain parts are claimed to be ABS. Few people have posted here claiming the suits do not last very long, kind of expected with EVA. They also seem to be quite expensive. If you want a short term expensive suit, go for it. Personally? I would shop around and get yourself the best deal. I know a few RPF members also make IM suits.


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Blue2k, thanks for the advice. Didn't realize from the write-up that it was mostly EVA. That's way too much for EVA. I've only seen a couple of junkyard posts with full ABS suits. Feel free to PM me usernames of anyone that sells them. Thanks!


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I had my eye on fullbodyarmors but after finally finding some reviews I decided not to go through with it. I ended up ordering a Masked Rider suit which is amazing but If you are looking to get a foam suit Id look into Imnations suits. I've heard nothing but great things and they aren't ridiculously priced


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i had a friend who bought s suit from them, quality-wise. Not up to par, and falls apart after being worn only few time. would not recommend!
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