Iron man and war machine foam build


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Hey guys!

So I've been wanting to make an iron man suit (really war. Machine) so I was daydreaming and came across this site I was motivated and instantly hooked. I have watched all vids by stealth, they were so much help.

So as I did research on how to do this I downloaded the pep designer and found some files here and around the web... I used the hd war machine file unfolded by dubean.

I was frustrated at first due to the helmet being too small but after watching hours of tutorials and reading lots of ready I started to come easier....

Well when I started, the cutting killed me....4 helmets later and I finally completed the pep helmet my size and resin the outside... I'll try to have pics up later in the week just been busy...

Will begin on the iron man helmet in a few days, don't know which file to use due to scaling :angry:angry:angry. ....I'll figure it out unless anyone can help

If anyone has and pep files for foam build plz help Im having trouble scaling and it's becoming really annoying to do... Help plz....:cry


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How to scale (roughly). No matter what file you're using, the main thing to remember is in the 2d menu you can see Change Scale > Scale Factor. There you will see the height, width and depth of the piece. Measuring your body and following these tips should help reduce your efforts.

How to size War Machine and Iron Man pep files

Thank u so much for this it helps alot :love

I'll have pics of the helmet by the end of the week thanks again
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