Iron Man Age of Ultron Mk45 3D Printed Armour build

Excellent work. Honestly the most well proportioned IM armour build I've ever seen.

Very interested to see how you handle the pit/elbow/hip/knee gaskets, you don't see many examples of well thought out solutions to those parts, some people seem to ignore them altogether, but I think you said you were going to print something in ninjaflex?


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Little bit of progress this weekend. I brushed up my soldering skills and finally put together my arc reactor.

View attachment 869882

And Neopixels are a nightmare to video ...

Tony Stark made his in a cave with a bunch of scraps. Mine was 3D printed in resin and PLA and uses custom code running on an Adafruit Flora with 3 neopixel rings.

I tried to keep the form factor as small as possible. Will probably build a mk2 at some point to make it easier to assemble. If enough people inquire, I might consider making a run of them :)

Original design drawing (I still need to paint the final reactor):

View attachment 779503
Do you still have the files? :)

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