Iron Man 2 Tony Stark LG transparent phone


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By I feel like we should have this kind of technology, but apparently we're not there yet totally. In the mean time, I've tackled this with a mix of laser cutting and engraving in clear acrylic and 3D printed frame. I know that the real prop, used in the movie, only had the stark enterprise and LG logo engraved in the glass, the rest was all added in post prod, but I wanted to capture more detail, specifically from this scene :

So there it is :
FullSizeRender-61.jpg IMG_4244-1.JPG

I'm quite happy with how the engraving turned out, I manage to grab quite a few tiny details that I spent hours getting right, sitting 1 feet away from my tv screen. Most of the text on the phone is accurate, there are only a few lines here and there I couldn't make out and had to improvise.
The frame I'm not so happy, gonna re-work them. The shape is right, but they need to be a bit more thick, and the split in the middle there isn't working for me, so I'm gonna split it horizontally, around the screen. Should be more discreet that way.


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Ok, new frame is promising, but not yet cleaned and ready. In the mean time, I got a "prop accurate" one made too, with just the stark and LG logo and a simple but effective stand to display the phones. Both need cleaning and painting/assembling though.
IMG_4256.JPG IMG_4255.JPG
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