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    Hi guys, not sure what the best way to check scale of pep files so that it will fit me?

    Not even sure who's files are the best to use. I have found some from different places but it's likely that they are all the same files.
    I am going to try and make the helmet first.
    My height is 178cm or 5'10".
    Something tells me it's a case of trial and error in some cases.
    I am not sure if certain parts will determine the size of the next due to possible overlaps.
    Also, I want to add the computerized parts and that stuff needs room right.
    So I am not really sure and don't want to waste time building something that doesn't fit.
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    Scroll through a few pages or use the search box, lots of topics on this. There are in fact several Iron Man topics with the answers you want on the front page, currently.
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