Iron Fist WIP


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So, with my first finished Cosplay under my belt (who am I kidding, Red Hood will always get more upgrades :p ), I figure its time to move onto something else. This build is very different from my Red hood, mostly because its not armor based. Im not really great at typing these build logs up, so here are the pictures of what i've done so far!

2015-03-09 21.46.58.jpg 2015-03-09 21.46.27.jpg 2015-03-09 15.43.27.jpg 2015-03-09 15.20.10.jpg

Major thanks to Kenlandrum for the amazing faceshell and lenses, which i'll be using as a base for the Ironfist Mask.

Also, does anyone know how to get rid of that pesky under armor logo, or is my best bet to cover it up?



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You can try acetone on the logo. It will stain the shirt a bit though. Your best bet is to cover it with the dragon logo on his chest if it will reach that high.

Judge Spartan

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Cover it up with the dragon like Iggy said. Trying to get rid of it will ruin the shirt. The dragons head might be in the right place although it may be slightly small unless you alter the design a bit. Good luck, I hope this turns out well. IronFist was the first comic hero I liked:thumbsup
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