Invisible Boot Lining


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I actually want this to line a pair of Superman boots but these things are commonly mentioned in regard to Spider-man costumes.
My questions; What are these things and where do I get them? Can anybody post a picture of what they look like? Can they be modified?
I need details.....

E Williams

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Originally posted by WookieGunner@Jan 11 2006, 10:21 AM
I have heard people using dive boot liners.
That's a good idea. I'd imagine a bootie like this would work:

Tall and short versions are available. You'd probably want to add a harder sole to the bottom- those have very thin rubber bottoms, meant more for traction than protection. It still hurts if you step on a rock or something pointy.


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Thanks for that link...
Mmmm. Those could be cut to resemble the 'Ballet shoe' style effect of the Reeve boots...