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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by MTB, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Im going to D23 this year and wanted to build a Baymax 2.0 to wear there but with the expo next week I will not be able to finish it on time =( I of course will be finishing the costume and will be wearing it for Halloween and maybe even to Disneyland for the Halloween event there, but we'll see. Here is the progress of the build,

    Here are the legs and cod all pep'd out. I also have dry wall stilts to wear for this one. I will be 7.5 almost 8ft tall.

    About to fiberglass everything

    I had my little helper do some of the work =)

    Body and one shoulder done


    Here is everything but the abs all fiberglassed and drying.

    Starting the bondo

    again I had a little helper

    Here is a quick suit up just to get the sizing for the abs

    And here is where I'm at now. I just taped everything together to get a feel for the real size. And I have my little helper there so you can really see how big it is.

    My plan is to have the fingers move, eyes blink, have the access port pop out with the chips in it, and have a tablet in the inside of the chest with speakers and play Baymax sound clips. Of course who knows what ill actually get done by Halloween but we'll see! Before anyone asks about the pep files I am not able to share them as I bought a 3d model from someone I found online and he did a ton of work getting them to work in Pepakura. Its not like the Iron Man or any other normal pep file. Its all one file and I have to go in and separate ever part one by one. Its not a perfect file like the others out there but im making it work.

    Here is what the file looks like, then I have to find each piece and move it.
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    Here is a link to the guys page where I got the Baymax files. If you are interested in purchasing it just message him and say you saw the build here on the rpf.

    His Name is Alejandro Sentell
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    Sub:cool Love it already! As for your little helper, she should have the proper shoes to work safely with that sanders (A+ for the respirator;)). Keep up the great work.
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    So excited for this! Superb work so far! Subscribed!
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    Looking forward to this build. Baymax is awesome.
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    This looks like it will be cool. You got any plans for the arm extensions?

    If not and you want something basic, I'd recommend using one of these litter collectors, and making appropriate modifications to the length and the claw to act as a 'skeleton' for the hands. I've been making plans in my head for a future build with extended arms and came up with this as a possible method for having reasonable control of both hands without spending too much cash.
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    Turtlespoon, I have something similar in my head for the making the fingers articulate. To control the arms I was planning on doing something like they do at GiantCardboardRobots (You can see it easily in the banner pic) Since Baymax has big round joints on the arms it should work out well. I will post pics when I get to building that part and always welcome help/feedback!
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    Subd what happened with this

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    Ive got a bit sidetracked but I will be working on this again real soon.

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