Into The Woods Prince "charming"


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So this spring Ive been working on Chris Pine's Prince outfit from "Into The Woods" Its been a slow process but Ive had tons of help from very skilled people in order to put this costume together. These are the parties responsible for bringing it to life
Doublet and shirt - Faden Studios
Boots- Studio Boheme

Chris-Pine-looked-rather-princely-UK-set-Woods.jpg Into the Woods prince.png prince charming into the woods movie costumes.jpg

I went back on forth on color for the longest time for the doublet as some people say its blue and some will say its grey. I ended up going with a very light Grey suede which had a slight blue tint in certain lights

Now the belt I pulled some screen shots from the movie but I haven't been able to discern what the actual pattern is, my best guess is some some sort of filigree/vine pattern tooled into the belt. The buckle was also a cop out so I still have to figure out what it is aswell lol.

Ive done a few belts in the past my most current work was on OUAT Hooks belt but that had no tooling at all and Ive never done it before so it was off to tandy to load up on supplies and take a crack at it. I looked up some filigree patterns online that I could trace out but quickly realized that I did not posses the skills to do it lol, I decided to hand do my own vine like design pattern keeping in mind to allocate space for the square dot trim along the edges. My first try at my own pattern yielded meh like results so I cut it off the 2.5 inch belt and decided to mock it up, dyeing and painting it to get at least an idea of how it would pan out

went back to tandy and picked up some more tools and proceeded to recreate my v2 pattern 14 times on the belt
10985661_10153239505750561_9002339390973865239_n.jpg 11136281_10153300478335561_7426925182583340196_o.jpg

With 2 more to do I'm close to finishing, then I will have to do the trim, dye, paint the tooled part gold, and finally figure out the buckle

My thoughts on the buckle for the waist belt is to go with a 2 piece filigree clip buckle but Ill cross that road when I get done with my belt, any thoughts or ideas would be gratefully received tho


In the movie they were trousers with a gold design on each side of the leg but I ended up going with some navy velvet leggings, still might do the trousers in the future.

Doublet Progress as It unfolded
22708_10153583453517923_5317656090827499281_n.jpg 11062721_10153579065337923_8737358409224820847_n.jpg
11164798_10153631860412923_632237237597915771_n.jpg 11148551_10153631860432923_7522668275907427355_n.jpg
22487_10153631860232923_1348293266236386766_n.jpg 11150812_10153631860442923_6423803313564855030_n.jpg


11149253_10153631860257923_394041814138230469_n.jpg 10411165_10153631861022923_794414441098749576_n.jpg

My Sentai/Power Ranger cosplay friends showed me this company based in the Philippines that have been doing awesome custom boots at a solid price, I ended up ordering from them


Studio Boheme's version
11158197_841737019194896_25820324_n.jpg 11164082_841736982528233_1002622657_n.jpg

Now the soles were indeed to light when they first sent me this pic, but I asked them to go back and darken/ grey them up a bit to match the reference pic


Everything is pretty much almost done with this project, any thoughts or help on the belt buckle or even the belt would be greatly appreciated, my leather work skills are mediocre at best but I wouldn't mind scrapping the belt in favor of doing another one if I could source out the pattern or figure out what is on his buckle. more posts to follow as the pieces come in



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While I cannot offer much advice on the belt, I would say it looks great! The belt pattern, however, looks like it is inset to the outer design. Like the leather design was placed on a piece of fabric that gave it the outer border. This might save you some work and leather expense while still keeping the look you were aiming for. In any case, I think we all expect one of those poses from the Agony song once this is done. Find a waterfall and make it happen!


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so I tried using eco flo cova acrylic gold paint and that stuff takes alot to build up so Im switching gears, picked up some angelus gold and surface preparer as Ive heard really good reviews on it, Ill have to go back and paint over what Ive done but those areas should take the acrylic paint easier then the other areas with no paint which Ill prime with the surface prep before painting on the gold. If anyone has any info or a good solid pic of the belt buckle that would be most appreciated, Im still looking at options for it.
IMG_2533.JPG IMG_2535.JPG IMG_2531.JPG


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Angelus Paint came in last week but my life turned upside down on me, my girlfriends vehicle got totaled when she was driving to pick me up from a friends house that I stayed the night at. I literally saw it happen maybe 15 feet away from, scariest moment in my life ever and I felt so utterly helpless, luckily no one was injured but because the jerk who hit her going way to fast had the right away, she was cited for reckless driving and we were out of a primary vehicle.

So I had to drop this project and start car searching I ended up getting this beauty from my work just today for such a great price.

I finally got to de stress and work on this project, the sleeves on the doublet were tailored to the a doublet pattern and were way to big for the look I was going for
11180074_10153312639535561_1856689873_n.jpg 11118421_10153312637740561_2134865411_n.jpg

You can see from the attached pic that the bicep area does have poof but not alot and the forearm area is more slim/modern, Romy made the changes to the sleeves and Im awaiting for them to come in the mail

Back onto the belt, I tried the angelus gold on just the belt and was unsatisfied with the way it applied to the belt but after laying the deglazer/surface preparer I was able to get the paint to stick brilliantly, Ive got a few more panels to do but Im almost done prepping the surface then its on to gold once again

Since the sleeves are detachable and being modified I threw everything on just to see and the alternative version doesnt look to bad lol



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my life unraveled fast lol, had to put this on the back burner for a bit butttt Im back on to debuting it this weekend at a local ren fair finishing up the belt tomorrow, not a huge fan of the buckle I have as the one I ordered ended up being way way to small but in a pinch it looks over gigantic and blinging so it works lol
11407224_10153412916010561_1926913022546914209_n.jpg 11391174_10153412921820561_478382153149935739_n.jpg

also grabbed some selfies while I the belt was curing, I think next upgrade will be to do the slacks, not to big of a fan of the velvet leggings

10421203_821762967914989_8564473594048152431_n.jpg 11139771_821762351248384_8669715037452972005_n.jpg 11014880_821762337915052_9147573622357146580_n.jpg

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