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Into the Badlands: Widow’s Duel Swords


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Here’s a set of blades I’ve been after for a while. I loved Emily Beecham’s character in Into the Badlands, and the set of swords she wields in season 3. These are metal hero props. The handle has a magnet to hold the handles together when in the one piece position.


  • C3558A26-A3E9-42AF-B6AA-FB769A3C2BDD.jpeg
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  • 6D3A8CFC-F628-46EC-A444-3CBF2062003E.jpeg
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  • BF4D4C0E-87A5-4B09-9C78-188E6C06C590.jpeg
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  • B39AE109-D741-4DDD-B128-D10DFADE094B.jpeg
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  • 075F7F11-DDF9-434C-83FC-E2B4CBEB1CDC.jpeg
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  • C483EB40-9832-4FA2-B6A1-8B67AB7CC0C7.jpeg
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