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Interview with Tim Lawes of the Prop Store of London from Comic Con 2011

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Kristen: So your knees are very nice Tim?

Tim: Yes, yes they are.

Kristen: Do you often wear apparel that ends at the knee?

Tim: Yes, yes I do.

Kristen: Who's your hero?

Tim: Clint Eastwood. He has, as you may know, occasionally been known to wear shorts as well.

Kristen: Really?

Tim: Yes, yes he has.

These are the probing questions that need to be asked of Mr Lawes....yes...yes they do.


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Thanks for sharing this. The alien is great and the Raiders items are gems.

Aside from the tunic, I always wondered what happened to Khan's wig.

Mad Andy

Interesting interview and the original props are awesome, just wish I was made of money so I could afford a few of these treasures! :rolleyes
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