Interview with Tim Lawes of the Prop Store of London from Comic Con 2011

Kristen: So your knees are very nice Tim?

Tim: Yes, yes they are.

Kristen: Do you often wear apparel that ends at the knee?

Tim: Yes, yes I do.

Kristen: Who's your hero?

Tim: Clint Eastwood. He has, as you may know, occasionally been known to wear shorts as well.

Kristen: Really?

Tim: Yes, yes he has.

These are the probing questions that need to be asked of Mr Lawes....yes...yes they do.
Thanks for sharing this. The alien is great and the Raiders items are gems.

Aside from the tunic, I always wondered what happened to Khan's wig.
Interesting interview and the original props are awesome, just wish I was made of money so I could afford a few of these treasures! :rolleyes
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