Interest interest! The Rocketeer (1991) cold cast bronze helmet UPDATE: not taking orders at the moment.


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Hello everyone! Since I successfully made the mold for my rocketeer helmet, I've started experimenting with cold casting and I've gotten to a point where I'm confident I can reliably produce cold cast helmets.
I need to buy a new batch of resin plus metal powders and tints to start producing helmets which is going to cost me a bit of money, so I'm making this thread to gauge interest so I can be confident that I can sell the helmets that I make and hopefully break even on my expenses.
The images are of regular resin helmets cast from the mold I will be using to produce the cold casts.
Helmets will come with two tinted vacuum-formed lenses.

raw cold cast helmet + lenses: $200
cleaned up cold cast helmet + lenses: $220

the helmets will ship from sweden, so shipping rates will vary depending on distance, but here are my estimates for the UK and US:
UK: $38
US: $50

Feel free to PM me with any questions. My target is to make 4 cold cast helmets, so send me a PM if you wish to reserve one.




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Have you had any issues with the fin during shipping?
No problems with the fin, no. One helmet did get a small crack on the chin due to shipping damage. I offered the buyer the choice of a partial refund or to ship the damaged helmet back and get a replacement one instead. The buyer chose the partial refund and has since fixed and reinforced the cracked area, and it's looking great.

The fin is probably the sturdiest part of the helmet, so I'm not worried in the slightest that it will be damaged. :)


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I’m a very happy boy today. I received my cold-cast Rocketeer helmet from Tim and it’s amazing!


Also I’m really impressed by the man himself. He kept me updated every step of the way, even tracking the parcel for me when I was offline, and discussing various elements of the transaction in detail. A fine addition to the rpf pantheon of quality sellers. If you’re undecided you should get one of these now!

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