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TFA Pyro Denton Explosives Kit

Hello fellow Han and Chewy fans! After positive feedback from my bowcaster parts run I decided to take on another project. Sticking with the Chewy theme, I modeled up the pyro denton explosive from the force awakens. I spent several months studying screen grabs as well as some of the ones inside the parks and have put together what I believe to be the most accurate representation of how this prop looks.

I'm looking to gauge how many members would be interested in a pyro denton kit, and whether this would be feasible to offer to you all as a run.
I'm initially looking to get 40 or more pyro dentons ordered as that would allow this kit to become a reality.
The projected price of a kit if I can get at least 40 ordered would be around $300 USD not including shipping.
The price may change based on order qty's.
If I do get enough interest to make this kit a run I will require a non-refundable partial deposit paid (TBD) so that I can order and have all the machined parts made.

If your interested please send me a pm or reply to this thread with
how many pyro dentons you would be interested in ordering so I can make an interest list!

The kit will be mostly machined aluminum with a functioning red lighting effect, run off a 9v battery (battery not included) housed inside to replicate the movie prop. The bottom features a magnet which will allow the pyro denton to be mounted to any magnetic surface just like in the movie. The overall diameter of the sphere is just over 4.5 inches wide and is estimated to be a little over 10 pounds in weight when fully assembled. A funny easter egg I discovered with the display is that the aurebesh letters are actually backwards when seen in the movie and appear to be initials rather than actual words.
The kit would require painting, weathering, and some assembly to fully finish it.

The kit would include

Main Body - machined aluminum
Top Insert - machined aluminum
Red Light Ring - pre wired
Red Acrylic Ring
Display Sticker
Top Ring
- machined aluminum
Button Assembly - controls lights
9v Battery Clip - pre wired
Neodymium Magnet - with screw
Top Insert Set Screw - x2

Here are a few renders of what a finished, weathered, and assembled pyro denton could look like based on my 3d model.

Sphere 3.13.1.png
Sphere 2.11.png
Sphere 1.10.2.png

Here is just the 3d model linework and some reference images.



And finally an exploded view to see the parts breakdown and where each part goes.

Pyro (1).png

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thanks for your interest and hope you like it!

There are no refunds or exchanges, and seller is not responsible for any injuries and/or damages associated with the receipt, use, or modification of these parts. This is a high quality replica prop and cannot function as a real explosive.
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