Interchangeable Crystal Core and Interchangeable Power Core! 1 set that works in many character hilts!


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Hello fellow Jedi Masters!

Ever since I got into this hobby roughly 2-3 years ago, I spent 5 years prior watching and looking at custom hilts. Always wishing I could afford to get one. Throughout this post, you'll see photos of my work.


With years gone by, I thought to myself, If I can learn how to build/ install them myself, I wouldn't need thousands of dollars.

Screenshot_20220702-130739_Video Editor.jpg

Anyway, turns out it wasn't much less lol BUT I have spent the last 2 years researching and developing an idea I have had. And that is for an interchangeable Crystal Core and power core. I developed a couple different iterations of this concept until I have landed on my most favorite this far. With some minor changes from hilt makers, along with my design concept, it is becoming real!



I first saw Roman's Props hilts. Bought some. I then saw the Rudy Pando Chamber. But I was disappointed to see that the design wouldn't work in the Luke Hero hilt. Which is my personal favorite next to the Luke v2, then v3. I also discovered that Rudy had his own v3 hilt but I didn't like that it couldn't support a 1" O.D. blade. Anyway, there is something magical about Rudy's chamber that I LOVE! The feeling of the hilt being 1 solid part regardless if the chamber is displayed or not. I know Saberforge has a design like that however, Im not keen on their design choices specifically for the character hilts. I'm not going to bash but they aren't my taste..



Screenshot_20220830-112752_Samsung Internet.jpg

Over the years I started installing hilts. Gradually perfecting my skill, though years later I still don't see myself as a master. But I started out installing. Then, I wanted to do installs with removable batteries. Did that. Then installs with not only removable batteries but also with a removable Crystal Chamber. Did that. Then, I found a way to not only have the entire chassis removable but also to have the crystal chamber interchangeable. Originally it was permanently attached to this chassis Core concept. But then I thought people could collect multiple differently styled chambers for one power core. Eventually I landed on any idea with one more simple modification to hilts and I created the best of all worlds!

Screenshot_20221228_161601_Video Editor.jpg



A Luke Hero with a thread in/out crystal core that attaches to the grenade and to the body to feel like 1 solid piece and have the power core completely removable!

Since I'm new here I can't post too much about this project yet. I have to follow the rules. So here are some teasers!



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