inserts president's book of secret


Hello everyone I'm new my name is laurent I live in France and this is my first post.
that is all the inserts I could get: JFK, Washington, area 51, ...

free :$

if you do not hesitate to find another


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and all that I find them by looking at the photos of presentation of the book that I find on the internet without a lot of money to buy the beautiful book that is sold on the site I want to make a men but it lasts you have any idea about the book page or other inserts please
Thanks for offering these neo (I think I have seen you on the COW forums). I love these inserts! Would you be able to give the size on these too?
to meet Hirogen I rely on photo to find the inserts, so its a hard can give you the exact size for the documents for the 4x6 inch picture I would say for any reports or letters and A4 be estimated after

Here I hope that will help her but I will picture to give you an idea

for info and a picture on the website of Ross MacDonald Movie Props


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Hello I added new inserts, and I think I have everything back.
I miss just the letter of Adolf Hitler on the Spear of Destiny and photos of the veiled ark of the covenant if you have any ideas ?
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The Hitler letter was not an official insert.

The letter you've probably seen was created especially for the original BOS made by Taz and Marsattack.



As you are new here, just a word of warning for your own sake. Be careful posting high res pictures of anything you create, there are some people out there that would be more than happy to copy any original work you do, then sell it as there own on ebay! The use of watermarks across images can be a good thing at times! I would say most the members we have here that I know of are very honest, but you do get the odd one that will try and rip you off!

Also, as mentioned before. It is probably best you have one thread, rather than two threads about the same thing. Just makes it much easier for people to follow and comment!


Propcollector sorry for the late reply.
So to answer your question I think the page size
width: 11 centimeters (4.33 inch)
height: 17 centimeters (6.69 inch)
I took the measurement on dvd collector BG book of secrecy (see picture).
That otherwise see with sarenbab are able to bookCIMG1602.JPGCIMG1605.JPGCIMG1606.JPGCIMG1607.JPG
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