Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex WIP - warhammer 40k


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Hello all, this is my first time posting in this forum, so i wanted to share my Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex costume from Warhammer 40k work in progress shots. costume itself is now finished building and im doing paint job, but most of parts are painted just as in photos are shown.

here is picture how it should look (just witout mouth pice and with taller neck cover)

what do you think?
any critique and comments are apreciated

PS. i aplogyse for my english, its not my mother language and dont use it very offten
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this is my storm sheeld
1,7m tall thats about 5,5 feet

its a shame that skull a little bit deformed, and i dont have tme to make new one
so i was working all this day on my 16 smd 1W leds, soldered them on pcb and connected with power suplys. sheeld leds are placed and fixed where they need to be, chest led line need to be fixed into right position for even light ditribution

pleez igonore that one side of collar is more lithgt up then other. tomorow i will fix that

That is seriously awesome! I know next to nothing about warhammer 40k but that outfit is all kinds of cool...I think I just need to make one at some point.
Nice job!
so basicly not big deal
but i'll be meeting some of you in Euro cosplay event in london this year in october end because i accidentaly won best of the best award in NowJapan cosplay event. and second place in Master class.
i still dont have pictures from event because novody uplouded them to interwebs.

here is our cosband video
NowJapan'11 - Warhammer 40k cosplay cosband - YouTube


all pictures can be viewed at flick (will be updeited soon) and imagebam galeries
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