INGEN Jurassic Park/ Lost World Explorer NEW PICS!!!


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So here are some license plates and a stencil which I've made in hopes of using on my '96 Explorer. The plates are a little crude i will admit but get the job done. I made them in a rush. I still need to use a uv protective clear coat on them so they will be usable on my truck. Really I only plan on using the ingen one on the truck but we will see. My plan is to paint my explorer camo green, maybe have some black or "ghost" stripes similar to the original tour cars, and stencil the ingen logos on the door in tan. As you can see i also purchased some little decals off of redbubble, one says "isla nublar research team". This is kind of my inspiration, a sort of mashup of the original explorers, the lost world vehicles that were used on screen as well as the dark green explorers described in the novel. Like an explorer used by ingen in the cleanup efforts of isla nublar between movies.I do need to thank whoever posted these plate and jp logo images on jurassicjeep since these are not my own design. And i'm still not sure if I'm sticking with 21 or not

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Re: Jurssic Park InGen License Plate & stencil...future Explorer project

Here's an example of what i'm trying to accomplish. So Far I've made some outlined prints that I will be tracing onto the vehicle with chalk

IMG_20150426_195503446.jpgIMG_20150425_212259120.jpgIMG_20150425_175439083.jpgIMG_20150425_175420267_HDR.jpgjp explorer 2.jpg
Ingen Jurassic Explorer project WIP

Also made a mirror tag and got a yakima roof basket which will have lights and a spare tire eventually

Re: Ingen Jurassic Explorer project WIP

Looking for opinions here. What do you guys think is the best? I choose ingen with the car number
hood a.jpghood b.jpghood c.jpghood d.jpghood e.jpghood f.jpg
Re: Ingen Jurassic Explorer project WIP

I like that one too. The framed ones would be a nice balance with the crazy pattern though. make it look more placed and log-like. My pick is No.3. But you have to but the Ingen logo somewhere!
Re: Ingen Jurassic Explorer project WIP

I like the fifth one, because its like the Jurassic Park logo on the original explorer. Instead of t rex skeleton logo its the InGen logo. Thats what I think, but they all look great!
Re: Ingen Jurassic Explorer project WIP

Here's some other obscure candidates too. Ingen with the construction added or the IG initials seen on the chopper in the lost world
productimage-picture-ingen-construction-regular-fit-2733.jpgConstruction_film_log.png_1398280998.jpgingen initials.jpg
Looks incredible! I love when people take the movies as a jumping-off point and create something new. This is exact the sort of thing I pictured when I read The Lost World novel back in the day.
I'm glad to hear that people like this and not hate it because it's not based on anything seen on screen. It's really a combo of the two movies and the second novel so it's kind of accurate to a lot of things but not to one thing in particular. Thanks for the comments though it's appreciated. There may be more to come. I'm thinking a brush guard for the front should be next on my to-do list
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