Infamous Reaper Costume (5min)


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I enjoy creating costumes in around five minutes. They aren't meant to be perfect or super accurate, but recognizable and quick. This one I just used a red hoodie and black t shirt, later I will add pants and gadgets.

Tell me good sir how did you achieve the pure black face. did you sew something unto the inner lining of the hoodie's hood, or is there some other method you used. Please tell me for I intend to cosplay as a reaper in an upcoming event and would like to know how you achieved that look! I it's not too much trouble could you tell wear I could buy the components for the face look?
Thank you
The hoodie itself had black interior, so that helped. But what I did was take a thick black long sleeve tshirt and tie it around my head with the chest/abs section in front.
I see, tell me though how was the visibility after you did that remember I will be wearing this whilst navigating my way through busy city streets. Have you ever heard of a sort of "grim reaper mask" that can be bought and affixed to clothing?
Superb, in that case then would you kindly tell me the brand of red-black lined hood hoodie you have on in the picture and if possible the brand of black long sleeved shirt?

Thank you :)
Would you kindly respond to my last post.

Sorry I thought I did, I reply on the ipad mostly and some times they do not go through.

The Hoodie can be bought at wal-mart under the OP brand. The exterior is red with little black texture dots that give it a nice look. The interior is black.

The shirt is turtle neck Anvil HP. I don't know much about the shirt because I bought it at a thrift shop.

Hope this helps.
Just a word of advice to anyone who reads this thread: I don't know the thickness of the black t-shirt he wore in that picture but in my expeirence you'd be better of using a simple mask made of 2 T shaped pieces of speaker cloth. works a tad bit better in terms of visibility.
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