Indiana Jones TOD Machete by Egon

Sold for 290 USD - Out of Stock
This one is going to hurt, but I need to pass this on to fund other projects. This is a brand new Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Machete made by our very own Egon. Thus far only 2 have been made!

These are made in laser cut durable alloy pre-hardened aluminum for the blade and pommel
Brass for the guard and pins
These are blunt, and not sharpened. They are a prop only.
Real Wood Grips
Highly polished finish

These originally cost $250 plus shipping (which for me came to $40.00) bringing my total to $290.00 which is what I'm asking for here. I'm eating the shipping and PP fees.

Shipped within the Continental U.S. only.

No International buyers.




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