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Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Machete / sword

Sold for 330 GBP - Out of Stock
This prop replica was custom made for me in the UK.

30" in total length including 6" handle. Carbon steel blade, American black walnut handle. Took several months to be made. No waiting for you!

Postage included to the UK. Further afield will be extra. But really, it will be difficult or risky to post this outside of the UK so please contact me before purchasing if that is your intention. Thanks


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So tempted, but I'm a but afraid Belgium customs would confiscate this at import?
I know of people who have imported blades from other countries successfully into the UK and states, however I tried to import one from the USA and it was held. Hence I had this one made in the UK to avoid those issues.


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I had a few swords imported from the US, but they were all blunt. Never had an issue with those. But a sharp machete? I have no clue what would happen with it. Why did you guys had to leave the EU? If you were still in, there would not be any customs check, and I would have snapped it up already! :(

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