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Indiana Jones Screen Used Raiders of The Lost Ark Fedora


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Here is a photo of Harrison Fords Screen Worn Fedora from Raiders of the Lost Ark which went up for sale at the Prop Store Auction. Interesting to note that the famous “Raiders Turn” is not present. When drawn with an arrow, it goes straight through the Herbert Johnson logo right to the front of the hat.


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Well for one… that hat is from Temple of Doom. And two, all of the “Raiders” hats had the turn per My own hat was modeled after the Raven bars scene by Herbert Johnson which distinctly has the turn in it.


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Yup, drftfan's got it right. That photo is the hat from Temple of Doom, and only Raiders hats had the turn. This is the inside of the hero hat from Raiders, note that it does not have a lining.


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