Indiana Jones Sankara Stones Help?


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I have been wanting some Sankara Stones from IJ for a while now and finally set out to make some. I want to make the normal version but also want them to glow... I was thinking that if I maybe 1)carve them from the thick foam 2) Paint Stones. 3)Clear Coat. 4)Paint a thin layer yellow glow stick "juice" on the stones. 5)Clear Coat. Maybe with this process they would look normal in the light and glow in the dark. That also saves on spending for a second pair;)
Glowstick juice is just one time use.... what you would want is glow in the dark paint but that paint is mostly a whitish color and might look bad on the stones during the day.
I am considering sculpting the grail, a Sankara stone and the gold idol from blocks of styrofoam. My question is, what do I coat it with so it isn't porous and rough, but smooth and paintable? Modpodge? Plasti-dip? Thanks in advance.
I made my Sankara stone (and the pedestal the grail is on) below with foam coated with spackle. Then when it was partially dry I used plastic garbage bags to pat the spackle down and shape it into more of a stone texture. It looks pretty good. It's not screen accurate, but it's close enough to get the point across.

For my stones I used some Balsa wood from the hobby store. Worked pretty well but I like LTsmash's method. Has more of stone look than the balsa does when sanded smooth. I say give that technique a go. And thanks LT for the idea :thumbsup
That sounds like a great idea! Love the display- is the tablet made from spackle and something else?
Mechanized2400- I hadn't considered using balsa or any other kind of wood. If the block of styrofoam doesn't work for me, I may try your idea next. Thanks.
No, the tablet is one of Peter's. The only things I made were the Sankara Stone (because I'm kind of meh on Temple of Doom but I wanted something from it to display) and the pedestal.
A skim coat of Bondo (automotive body filler) or Glazing/Spot Putty (if acts somewhere between bondo and a high build primer) over the foam core, and more sanding would give you a smooth hard paintable surface. If you work its surface with something like a brush or bag right before it cures you can get a lot of other textures. If you want to get nerdy, its a 2 part polyester resin with talc filler. it'll be more durable than the spackle already mentioned, if that's a concern for you.
You *might* be able to damage foam it if you mix WAY too hot, but it would usually overcure it and cause cracks and ruin the bondo too. Just aim for mixed product to be same pink as their mix paddles. I've had good luck with it on green floral foam, insulation board foam, and packing styrofoam.
Messing around today and decided to do a quick Sankara Stone as a warm-up to making a Chachapoyan idol. I used a dry green floral foam cut with an exacto and shaped with my thumbs. I then coated it with mod podge, painted it in acrylic, and added two more layers of mod podge to seal it further. It's not SA, but it will work for costumed appearances and displays.
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