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    I have ordered one of Todd's raiders holsters and I am now looking to find a gun that will fit. Being in the Uk that makes it alot harder.

    I found this which is similar:

    but not too sure if it would fit the holster.
    I would get one of Todd's guns but don't want to risk it getting destroyed at customs. Obviously any alternatives would be welcome.
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    That's not bad, a bit modern, but pretty good. Guess you could swap the grips out and that would certainly help too. It will fit Todd's Raiders holster for sure. I have one of his and it's great quality for the price.

    I too live in the uk and have such resorted to buying deactivated firearms for my Indy collection. My pride and joy being my Webley Green revolver, the same as he one used in Last Crusade.

    However, I did order a resin replica from Wade Egan of the 4" 1917 S&W revolver which looks great when painted up. Plus it has separate grips and the cylinder can swing out. I also got one of Rook's awesome Webley Green replicas, but had to ship it in parts in 2 separate packages sent at different times. Still it got through and sits proudly in my ollection.

    So I guess it depends on what you want it for: costuming; display; running around the woods...

    There are a few options, but do play safe with customs. Ensure that any rein replicas are of a bright colour, not black or resembling metal of any kind. I actually have a spare Wade Egan Webley Green kit available if our interested pm me, like I say I'm in the uk so shipping is not an issue.

    Indiana Andrews
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    Thanks for the offer about the webly but I am only interested in the raiders S&W at the moment (Pretty sure I will branch out into the other films at some point though lol). I emailed wade about the S&W and he said he could not ship them to the uk :(.
    Most likely going to use this for costuming as it would not fit in as a display peice.
    I did find this
    Smith & Wesson .45 Revolver - Replica Guns - Replica Model Props - Frontier Models
    apparently it is going to be in stock later in may but not too sure if that will happen.
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    DO NOT buy from Frontier Models, they are one of the biggest recasters in the UK.
  5. Mrkipling

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    Oh, didn't know that....well is there another place to go in the UK for a resin S&W?

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