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What's going on everyone, figured I'd make a leap and show some of my self made Indiana Jones props. I'd love some comments/critique to help me further my progression. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
i re-made the cover of the Abner journal with card stock paper for scrapbooking and it came out much better. I mainly just have inserts(pictures/maps/postcards,ect.)printed and put in the journal with a few hand drawn pictures. The text has me stumped. Mainly because I can't come up with a story or find a source with material I could make up a story. Just used Balsa wood for the stones behind the antidote from Temple of Doom. Also thinking of re-making with sculpting clay and then mold and cast. The antidote itself, the vial from The Container Store, hand painted and jewels from hobby lobby. Lastley some of the signatures from the journal before sewing. More to come, comments appreciated
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Just some water and blue food coloring. Started with heavy blue and just kept watering it down till I found the right color. ive made extras and may possibly post in the Junkyard if anyone is interested. They'll be cheaper in cost than any other Antidote vial maker too. Found on eBay some between $40-$120. I'm thinking of letting em go for like $20.
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