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    I just read through a couple of posts/threads on this topic but wondered if there were any new ideas since they seemed to be a little old.

    I'm not too * about getting this jacket just right, and for about 7 years, I've had a jacket that was close enough for me, and one I love to wear anytime the weather suits it. But now I'm looking for ideas on a more authentic look. I looked at the Wested site and they have different materials without any apparent explanation. How is goat different from lamb. How is "pre-distressed" different? From the pics, they look similar--and I really think one for pre-distressed is the exact same as the one for lamb/goat. For those who have those, is the leather pretty sturdy--like a thick but flexible feel? And for those who say they've gone through "several" Wested jackets, what's that mean? I've had leather jackets since the early nineties, and I still have every one, with little wear to show for it, outside the original stressed look that a jacket might have come with. I live in LA, so I wear each jacket maybe 20 times a year, but I just wondered what people are doing to "go through" a jacket. Are other options better?

    And if anyone lives in the LA area and has one or more of the different versions available, that would be great if we could meet up somewhere and I could see it/them. I live in Long Beach, work in Baldwin Park, and generally get around a lot, so it's not a big deal.

    Thanks for any input, and sorry if I opened any can of worms. I normally hang out in the modeling areas.

    Mike Todd
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    I'd say that there are considerable differences between the Pre-Dis and the Lamb in most colours available..

    The Pre-Dis is a cowhide, for a start, so slightly thicker than the lamb, and lighter, looking heavily "worn in" in some areas on the skin...It's a lovely leather to use, although not especially similar to the Jacket featured in the first two Indy films.. I'd suggest the Pre-Dis or the Novapelle for the Last Crusade styled jacket, and the Seal Brown Lamb or Goat (a little tougher than the lamb, but same dye) for something like Raiders...

    While there is a lot of different opinion on Wested and their service, I've always found them to be lovely to deal with and their products are fine...

    If you want something EXACTLY like the jacket in Raiders, then I'd suggest a "Seal Brown Lamb/Goatskin Hero" jacket... Or perhaps "Shrunken Lamb" which looks like a worn-in lambskin, and is therefore in no need of "distressing" to make it look like Indy's jacket did... Just buy and wear...

    If you're going for the Last Crusade style of jacket, use a Custom Pre-Dis hide on their Last Crusade model...I think...

    The Hero is "Crispe" is a thicker, and much more striated skin, and comes over as being a touch too thick and "Dinosaur" like to be "Indy", but does make a very cool looking jacket on it's own...

    So...It depends on what you're really looking for eh?
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    To clarify, I'm thinking the jacket from "The Last Crusade".

    Also, any opinions on those Nylon whips from Wested? What's wrong with going to a local cowboy/ranch store and getting a whip? Is it really that different?

    Mike Todd
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    I also live in Long Beach and have a Wested lamb. It's my second Wested jacket. I'd be happy to meet up and talk jackets with you. I've seen most of the options out there from Todd's to Tony Nowak's.
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    Probably a lot of difference.

    David Morgan when he was making them made THE finest whip.

    You should take up Risu on his offer, nothing beats looking at a jacket first hand

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    Quoted for the truth, he was the whip maker for original trilogy (not sure about indy 4). They are sky high in price.. but its the real deal.
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    Anyone here ever buy David Morgan's book and make a whip that way?
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    Wested is still the best!
    As far as hide differences, there's a comparison page on the site that shows the grain.

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