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This listing is for an Indiana Jones fertility idol from RelicMaker. When he did a run of these last year, I loved them so much that I bought two, so that I'd have a backup. But I'm trying to raise some money, so I've decided to sell one. This one is still in the original delivery box, and it's never been used. This is the "Aged Hero" version, with the glass eyes and the more accurate duller finish. Even though I have two, I'm still sad to be selling one, because this is one of the best prop replicas I've ever seen. It's absolutely perfect, and RelicMaker has created a real treasure.

Normally, I'd be happy to sell this directly via the RPF. But I recently got scammed by a buyer here, so I don't want to take the risk on something this precious. Instead, I've created an eBay listing. I'm starting this out for a lower price than I paid. If someone here with a high reputation here wants to purchase it, I might be willing to make an exception. But I'd be heartbroken to get scammed out of this, so please understand that it's not personal if I decline.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for viewing this listing!


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You can click the "Buy Now" button to redirect to eBay, or click this link:

Thank you!

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