Indiana Jones Fedora - options?


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I am looking for a Fedora for my brother in law who lives in Canada. He is not into props but loves Indy.

Just wondering what the options are for a reasonably priced Fedora that could be worn on a regular basis? 100% accuracy is not hugely important, it just needs to be recognisable to non geeks! :lol

Any help would be appreciated.

Depending on how much you want to spend.
Akubra is a good choice but I would recommend to get the Akubra Federation IV (the link is already mentioned above by gp4hire) which is designed as Indiana Jones hat and exclusively sold by They have two versions, the normal one and the deluxe. The latter has some higher quality fur felt but I knew people with the normal version and they were it regularly without problems.

One of the best you can get is one of Adventurebilt. There are also two versions available, the one made by Steve Delk in the USA and the one made in Germany by his collegue Marc Kitter. Both made the hat for the latest Indiana Jones movie. Their hats are top quality but very expensive.
But Marc also sells a hat, called The Henry, which is not totally handmade but nonetheless a good quality and slightly similar to the Akubra Federation in price and quality. But I am not sure what the actual price is, maybe you should ask Marc yourself. I think Penmen Hats also sell the Henry for Marc ( and makes hats too.

I own an AB deluxe and also an Akubra Federation deluxe (the older version, before Fed IV came). Both are fantastic and while the AB is one of the best hats you can get if you don't mind spending 450+ € and a long waiting time to finally get it, the Akubra is in its own price category a very remarkable and durable hat which is much faster at your doorstep waiting to be worn.

Don't bother to buy the official licensed hats. They are just garbage and even don't look like a real Indy fedora.

There are also other options and if you want to "dig" deeper into this field I recommend you to read a bit in one of the many Indiana Jones boards like the Raven, the COW or Fortune and Glory.
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Does Christys make only this version? I thought there was one made by them which is more screen acurate since this seem to be not high enough with the crown. What makes Indy hats so special is the higher and more prominent crown. But then maybe I only saw reblocked versions of a Christy's.
The best factory made hat you will find is Steve Delk's "Henry." It's just a great hat with regard to appearance and comfort. John Penman sells these in the US and will pinch the hat for free in any movie configuration (Crystal Skull is most accurate since Steve made the hats for the film). A handmade CS hat from Delk is unbelievable but they take time and are more costly.

My second go to option is a custom hat by John Penman. John's customer service is the best I have experienced in my life. You can't order a hat with him and not become a friend instantly. If your buying a hat for someone else, he is the guy who can offer the best advice. Regardless what you choose I'd give him a ring!
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