Interest Indiana Jones - False Grail - NEW Revised version


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Yes yes yes!!!! This is it!!!!
Now it will be assembled and shipped very soon! I’ll contact you by PM for shipping and handling cost!
Thanks to everyone for being so patient!


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Those look SHINY!!!! Fantastic! Glad you found a goldplater who was able to deliver you the perfect finish. Looking forward to see the finished product! (y)(y) (y)


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OK, I guess I'm the first one to get my grail? ;) Look how incredibly shiny it is! It arrived well packed. Very pleased with how this one turned out. I think waiting for the new goldplating was worht it. On the look of it, you can not tell that these are resin. You only feel it when you take the cup in your hand, since it's quite light (compared with the old metal one). Pretty logical, I think.


Here the grail is beside Sarednab's old version, which was metal, but inaccurate at the foot of the grail. On the other hand, it has a more "warm" goldtone, and a lid. What's also better on the new grail is that the "leafs" that hold the bowl are now more like one part with the cup. If you see the old one, you can see that those parts more or less come away from the bow. So both versions have their pro's and cons, I'd say, but both are great replica's (also the only ones around for this prop, as far as I know) and I'll bee keeping both.


And to close down: a close-up of the old false grail:



Do you have any extras left from this run?
Please pm me if you do.
If not, when do you plan on doing another, now that you have found a reliable Gold-plater?

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