Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Projector Any Good?

The Aviator

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I am short on time this weekend so no time to research this. Basically wanted to reach out to the group here and ask about this. It is sort of an impulse buy, but even at a cheap price on Amazon for $14.00 I hate buying something I won't like and I figured it is best to ask the board their take on this first. Obviously I am not expecting some high end super prop, but in everyone's opinion is this a good piece? Meaning something to set on a desk and looks relatively cool. Thanks everyone in advance.

Here is the link. Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Adventure Projector: Toys & Games

Wraith 5

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From reading product reviews, this paragraph from the first amazon review seems particularly relevant to your question:

"I suspect most kids would grow tired of watching the 24 small, dim slides rather quickly; but the skull itself is pretty cool. I actually removed the projector mechanism from the projector skull I purchased and installed a low-wattage light bulb, creating a spooky glowing Crystal Skull night light. The surprising amount of detail molded into the projector makes this a great crystal skull prop (about 1/2 scale, I would estimate, compared to the on-screen skull) for Indy film fans."

So it isn't full-scale, and the 'night light' modification he mentioned may be worth doing yourself to make it a more interesting display piece if you do choose to buy it.


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I picked up one of these at a Ross, and it's a little small, but it looks pretty cool sitting on the shelf along side of other Indy replicas. It was worth it for the price.

The Aviator

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Sorry for the late response. I forgot to auto subscribe to my own threads when I setup my account here. I did pick it up the Skull Projector and was definitely satisfied for the price etc. Wraith thanks for the tip on internal light idea. I am so doing that!
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