Done / Completed Indiana Jones - Belloq's Cerimonial Staff - ONLY 1 piece


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Indiana Jones
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Belloq's Staff
Hi guys,
I just seen that I have 3 Cerimonial Belloq's Staff in my archive. It is ready to ship.

I have ONLY 3 pieces and I'll not made anymore in future!
This piece is HUGE! It is made with the best materials! Upper part and bottom part is made in FULL zinc (it is HEAVY!!!), 24kt gold plated! The staff itself is made in WOOD!
I'll put some pics at the end of this thread!
If you are interested let me know! Again, I have only 3 so the first that will arrive will be the first served.

Price for it is
700$ Shipped (Shipping cost is VERY HIGH for this item, but I include it in the price)








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