Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade


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So do away with the large red border one?
I was thinking about not using the "Ahnenerbe" and logo part of it, just playing around with ideas. The German came from another post on the COW forum where someone had long ago posted text for a label idea. I did originally have the file that was posted on that forum but can no longer find it.

Thanks for your input.


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You have found there the v1.00 of the story diary, made by Marc Kitter in the year 2003.

If someone is interested: After a good and very long talk with Marc I am working at the moment on v2.0. It still will take some time till finish.

If you can/want not wait so long, here you have v1.12:
Thank you for this, its a great update to the Marc Kitter version. I cant wait for v2 to come out

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