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Alright, I now have some lighters available for sale.

I have nine in hand and will be getting more in as soon as these go out. I had extra sides made, so will have them available for anyone interested. I'll be sending out PMs to those who expressed interest.

Here's some pictures of the final product. IMG_2412 [].JPG IMG_2413 [].JPG IMG_2414 [].JPG

And here's a shot with V1, V2, and now V3 (left to right). IMG_2418 [].JPG

Cost per lighter is $50 plus shipping.

US shipping is $6.50 for USPS Priority.
International shipping is based on location and will be USPS First Class Let me know where you are at and I'll get a cost.
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I don't foresee the company making the sides raising their prices dramatically (though it has been almost two years), but I expect they should be about the same as the last run, $50 plus shipping.

What will you be charging for the lighter?

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