Indiana Jnes and the Last crusade gear

Indiana Holt

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Hey guys! I haven't posted here in AGES! Well, I am back with my new and upgraded Indy gear with gear from original
makers and original pieces..

I have collected these for so many years I have lost count. But I thought it would make a nice comeback with my LC gear!
The pieces are made, customized and distressed as close as you could get to the original LC gear.

I have had certain insight on the original Screen used pieces and used them as guidlines for jacket specs and distressing.

Well, anyways without making the intor too long, here it is. My presentation of Indy's gear in Last Crusade.

Would love to hear what you think about it :)

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Wow! Excellent job! I'm super jealous! I've been working on an Indy costume myself and I had put it on hold, but yours makes me want to pick it back up again! Once again, excellent work!

Mike J.

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Very nice! I have the simplest possible Indy costume I've worn on a couple of occasions – yours looks excellent!


Indiana Holt

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Thanks guys! Appreciated!

Indiana Jones is my passion. The costume has been a lifelong collecting adventure to be honest. It has had some bumpy roads
to get where I am today :)

I will do the Raiders next and then Temple of doom. I havent focused to much on Raiders as LC Indy is THE Indy for me but
Raiders is a strong second.. I love them all however, even though there are SO many differences between the film costumes. But that's kinda the magic right :)

I allready sourced a few things for raiders.. I am in the process of breaking it down. :)
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