Incredible piece - original Joe Johnston Storyboard


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This was recently gifted to me by an ILMer - an original Rapidograph on (probably Canson Vidalon) vellum storyboard from an early draft, from the sequence where the pirate ship (still linear version) approaches the floating prison city of Alderaan. Probaby unpublished/unseen? I love that it is the TIE I made a model of, too!



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Great artwork to receive as a gift. If I could offer some advise, I would remove the tape off the sketch as soon as you can and have it professionally mounted and framed. I have experience in the horrors that tape ( even archival quality masking tape) can cause to original ( and valuable) artwork.


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Was that done with a pen and watercolor?
Looks like Rapidigraph pen, which is a refillable India ink pens, and either watercolor, marker or ink washes. Given that he studied industrial design, they used markers a lot for rendering in their design work, so that may be what he used for the gray tone coloring.


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Thanks for sharing. Love the 'quick & dirty' concept sketches, its a classic style. My father had a very similar style.
He was a free-lance commercial artist in the 60-80's. If you were around then, you saw many of his illustrations for various print advertised products. He had all of those markers and plenty others with awesome smells!!!

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