Incredible Hulk Build (+ Full Avengers Team Assembled!) PIC HEAVY


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Me (Samwise) & my partner Cynthia built this Hulk over the last few months... it's been a long-time coming, but we assembled our Avengers team at last on the weekend! We run an entertainment business using realistic costumes, and though we've had Iron Man, Black Widow & Captain America since our inception last year, we recently finished Thor & The Hulk to add to our Avengers!

Take a look below!

Our Hulk build after our first test-fitting! We were yet to velcro the pants to attach the torso & legs, and no morphsuit to fill in the neck!

We are The Superhero Experience ( - our full Avengers team debuted on Sunday the 12th after completing our Hulk & Thor costumes! As an entertainment group, we specialise in realistic costuemes, as well as acrobatic shows & high intensity fight sequences!

Our Captain America & Spider-Man Stunts and Fight Shows:

Hulk stopping a random car on the street. They didn't mind, they just kept taking photos!

In all of the photos in this thread, Hulk is portrayed by a 6'0" performer. The suit raises the performer up 5 inches, so he becomes 6'5". Our regular performer is 6'3", so Hulk will generally stand at 6'8".
Here are more photos from our gig, including Loki & The Winter Soldier!

The build process!!
We did the body-cast at the start of January, but we didn't get started on the suit until mid-February, and finished it on the 11th April! As always, since we had a deadline, the bulk of the work was done in the last few weeks.

Big thanks to Biopredator; their Hulk build was of great inspiration to us. Initially we began following their process - after a while things began to take their own form and we adopted our own techniques and own process. The basics of it were a body cast with morphsuit on top, and lots of carving foam and gluing it to the suit.

^That's me in this photo here :) Me and my partner Cynthia were the co-creators of this build, but we mostly have other people modelling it later on! :) Also, our house was an absolute mess for months!

The first coat of paint on the Torso, and test-fitting of the legs!

First fitting of suit altogether

And just when we thought we were done, we had to buy a new compressor for our airbrush, and thus spending nearly $200 on painting supplies in the final week!

6'5" Hulk (during test-fit!) - 3 inches smaller than his full height will be :)

On April 12th, we assembled our Avengers team for the first time at a Marvel Film Marathon in Sydney! (I'm in Iron Man at this point!)

This morning we'll be taking them to the Childrens Hospital in Westmead for their first Starlight Foundation appearance :)

It's been a hell of a start to the year, but we finally did it!

Let us know what you think!!

Next to come: AoU Captain America & updates to Iron Man/Black Widow to get them up to speed with their latest film designs! Age of Ultron is coming!!

- Samwise
The Superhero Experience
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