In the middle of making Majora's Mask and I need some opinions


Hey RPF,

I'm in the middle of making a replica of the titular mask from the upcoming rerelease of the new Zelda game. I'm not to this point of the project yet, but I've been thinking about how to attach the "horns" around the edges of the mask, and I've come up with three possible ways to do this.

The first way, drill holes in my master, fit the horns into the holes and glue them into place. Then I'd just fill in the area around them and go from there.
Pros: This is probably the cheapest way.
Cons: I don't know how well this will work since my master is styrofoam covered in bondo, and I'm kind of nervous to potentially destroy the master if this doesn't go well. Because of the way I've cast the horns I could also see it being kind of a challenge to sand them down to fit into a cylindrical hole.

The second way is to chop the horns to length (I already have them made, and they've a fair amount longer than they need to be to give me options), then do the "bondo squish" technique to make sure they contour the right way on top of the shape of the mask. This will probably require a fair bit of clean up too afterwards.
Pros: If this goes wrong, it won't do any damage to the master copy of the main part of the mask.
Cons: This is going to be a lot of work ten different times.

The third way would be to do a junk cast of the body of the mask, then drill holes where the horns need to go. Then I can put the horns through the back of the mask and the conical shape will make sure they fit well and should make sure they're all the same length.
Pros: This seems easiest
Cons: Silicon and resin costs will make this the most expensive option.

Does anyone here think that one of the ways I came up with is the best way? Or, possibly, are there other, better was I haven't thought of? If there's anyone else who's made a mask I'd love to hear about how they handled this part of the construction.
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