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Hey everyone! I'm working my way through a couple of the Stan Winston School courses and I am in need of a sculpture for one of the projects. I'd like to work along with building an animatronic head, but I don't have a sculpture of my own to go off of. I was hoping maybe someone on here might have one that would be cool to turn into an animatronic and perhaps they might be so kind as to create a cast copy for me? I'd be willing to cover expenses for materials and shipping. Anyone have an old sculpt lying around they don't want or would be willing to mold and duplicate?

Thanks, everyone!


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How much experience have you got? The sculpt is the foundational geometry of any traditional animatronic project, so it's weird to me that you'd want to skip doing it yourself. You need a sculpture of a character that was designed to be an animatronic, because there are certain geometrical requirements. It's a rare type of sculpt, done with specific intentions that weren't realized, not by any means a character study but more of a technical model. I'm just saying it's rare to think there's one laying around.

If you go with a sculpt that was turned into an animatronic, the molds and core are likely laying around as well. I've got such things but I hesitate to give them out because I would say you should do the whole project from start to finish. The process was taught to me in around 40 hours, and took about 100 hours to complete a relatively simple character with a half dozen movements. It sounds a little like you want to skip to the part of the project that interests you or may come more naturally, I would encourage you to challenge yourself. You don't need to faithfully replicate a human being as a first project.


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I agree 100% with what Tech Magic says.
To sculpt something like that you have to take in account the mechs that will be there and the movements needed.
The interesting part is there as for the sculpt.


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Not a simple question, and wouldn't be a simple answer! I don't have the energy to type out everything for this, but will agree with TMFX, above, on this one.

You are starting with Stan Winston stuff, and they would explain this far better than I could.

But here is a nickel's worth of my $0.02: if you started with a mannequin head, you can cut it up into the moveable parts for animating, via servos or wires, and after it is mechanized to you satisfaction, then do the sculpt in clay, or even upholstery foam, Like a puppet. this is for practice? a project? For a grade? A full animatronic, from start to finish WILL BE EXPENSIVE $$!

There are many disciplines (sculpting, molding, casting, laminating, mechanics...) used for this. Practice on inexpensive stuff first, as it will be money down the tube.

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