In Search of a 13th Doctor Trench Coat Pattern!


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Hello all,

My name is Emilie, cosplayer and geek girl. I'm new here and was referred by a friend to check out these forums!

I am in love with Doctor Who, and excited for Jodie Whittaker's run as the new 13th Doctor... and I especially love her costume. I cosplayed her at the beginning of the year, using 100% thrifted clothing as pictured below:


I had fun with this (and it was inexpensive!) but as I am making more cosplay with my sewing machine, I am itching to create a screen accurate version of her coat...


My problem is, I am having the hardest time finding a trench coat pattern even close to this. If you have made this coat or at least know more than I do, I would appreciate some direction as to finding a decent pattern! I don't mind needing to make some modifications to a pattern, but I would prefer to have something closer to the shape of the coat and I am coming up empty.

Please help!!

Kind Regards,

Emilie <3

Side note... Her Universe released a replica of the coat.. but it's not completely screen accurate. I am determined to at least try to make my own! But I need help haha