In need of Solidworks help


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Im hoping someone here is a lot better than me at solidworks. I've been stuck trying to trim this piece for the past few hrs and i just cant figure out a way to take a the thickness off the edge and still retain the curve across the surface. Below is the model. It is the top section of the Xmen 2 phone. On the left u can see side wall which is too thick.

Below is how thin I would like it, and the contour to the end. I would like to have this as the edge thickness and then blend back into the body. Anyone have have any clue how to do it???



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Well..yeh it ended up being an extrude in the opposite direction... I just had to make an awkward 3D sketch and slice the piece out.

If i just extruded thru i would have lost the curve over the body. All done now tho:) just took too much thinking.
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