In Need of Help With Kyoko Cosplay


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I'm a fairly new member and I am just getting started on my first cosplay project so please help me out. I will be cosplaying as Kyoko from Deadman Wonderland.
Kyoko wears a navy blue, lapel collared blazer for part of her guard uniform. I have had no luck finding a blazer that meets that description so I may just have to make it myself.
So my first question is; does anyone have a lapel collared blazer sewing pattern I could have? If you don't, do you know of any blazers that match the description?

Also, is there a way I could make some custom patches? These would be used on the hat and on the shoulder. It doesn't matter if they are iron-on or sew-on.

One more thing, how would I go about making glasses for my cosplay? She wears rather large circular glasses and I don't want to just buy them (I'm trying to make all the pieces of the cosplay myself.)
Here is a picture of Kyoko so you understand what I'm looking for:
Anyways, if you have an answer to one of my questions please tell me. As I said, I am fairly new at making cosplay.

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It looks like a modified double breasted suit: I understand why you can't find a uniform tunic like that, but you might try looking at before you give up. My suggestion would be to find one that is double breasted and similar in color, then modify it by sewing. good luck.
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