In light of Fallout 4, my very first replica prop. Mentats


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2015-06-21 11.12.39.jpg

For those of you who dont know fallout is a long running video game series. I never had the chance to play the original two but Fallout 3 has become one of my favorite games of all time.

Ive been interested in replica props for a while. Mostly due to Adam Savage's videos on tested.

I am well aware that its a very low quality, and unskilled prop but it is my first. :)

I hope to make a number of other Fallout props, maybe even a costume.

I made this by buying a tin can from hobby lobby, spray painting it and quickly learning that spray paint needs to move side to side or I will make a giant pool. After that dried up I (badly) hand painted the rest using enamel paint. I noticed while painting that either the enamel was too thick or too thin and rarely looked right. I did a few layers but any general info on the use of enamel paint would be nice.

Anyway, thanks for looking.


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Welcome to the RPF. and everyone has to start somewhere. nice beginning. If you look at the top bar and find store. there are a few eBooks on painting armor and other props. they don't cost a whole lot. and can be very Informative. and good luck with your adventure into prop building.


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Awesome man, well done. Bet you have plenty of things you want to do different. That's how it all starts. Enjoy the ride! :)