Improved my Quantum Leap "Gummi Bear" handlink.

LeoCor Replicas

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When I first built my Handlink using LEGOs (the best material I could think of that I had access to and the knowledge of working with), I knew it would be difficult to make it look as good as the screen-used props. I couldn't figure out how to put in lights, until I saw an ad for LED LEGO-compatible bricks.

I got them in the mail today, installed them, and wow, it makes it look 1000x better. It's by no means the best replica of the prop, but I think it looks pretty cool!

(I, of course had to take the photo with my prop cigar!)


LeoCor Replicas

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That looks fantastic! Are there plans out there to make a hand link out of Lego’s?
I made a rough draft plan in a LEGO model program, and just created my prop out of what I had on hand. I could probably make a new one using my own build as a basis, and I can include the link for the 3D bricks as well! The original build idea involved using translucent bricks, but they weren't available in the colors I needed, so I instead used opaque ones.
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