Impromptu L.A. mini meet up

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Sushi with some RPF legends. Always fun to get the band back together.


MattMunson BrundelFly



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That was a super fun time, though I'm sad it yielded two of the worst pictures of me taken in decades! lol
Only slightly less exciting was meeting Stephen Amell in the lobby of the restaurant. You never know who you're gonna run into when you're already hanging with celebrities!! :D


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"Always fun to get the band back together." The Willie G philosophy has not lost any of its luster. Exactly how I felt. And Matt: Hahahaha. I relate to the "two of the worst pictures of me taken in decades!" part and just received my membership card to that very club (in fact, it arrived as a text on my phone in one of the pictures). So good to see you guys and glad we got to close the place :) Looking forward to seeing you all on the next trip out. Btw, Matt: pictures be liars - you carried a rock-star vibe. Could have been Peter Murphy's younger brother. Keep it up, mate!


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lol thanks man!. You just made my day.
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