impressed with the new battlefront trailer?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by grenater, Apr 17, 2015.

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    hey friends! this is a simple and short thread as i just wanted to here all what you thought of the trailers representation of the items from the starwars universe in star wars battlefront. im extremely impressed with everything in that game at the moment even the storm trooper models look as if they are ripped straight from the movie! i am so excited for it please tell me your thoughts on the costumes armour and etc. the only reason i bring it up, is to let all members who are interested know that the trailer is out, number two, this game looks so realistic they even made the explosions more like the original trilogy with practical effects! here are the links:
  2. ARKM

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    The graphics look cool but the constant dialogue really annoys me.
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  3. TazMan2000

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    Impressive, but I don't think you'll be seeing those kind of graphics in game play. But I'm hoping they'll be something close.

  4. RiotJavelinDX

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    Yeah, the water mark says "engine footage" rather than Gameplay footage. Should still look pretty good though.
  5. RooBee

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    The graphic is cool, but I will probably not buy this game. It is a joke that there are only 4 planets right from the beginning... no single player campaign... and NO space combat. I know that EA is going to release DLCs, but I won´t stand in for their marketing politic. Such a game is not worth $60.

    The biggest joke is that DICE said they would make a game "they as fans have always dreamed of".
  6. Blue Leader

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    The game looks pretty promising. Though I'm curious if the single-player portion of the game will have a story campaign to it like the did for Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron or if it will just game models like the multi-player game just... not multi-player? I'm also curious as to how much variety of starships there will be... Wonder if I can hope to see my beloved B-wing in the game?

    And is there a type of character appearance customization system for the online portion of the game (and possibly even for single-player)? So many questions.
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  7. RiotJavelinDX

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    The first Battlefront didn't have a campaign either.
  8. RooBee

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    One of many reasons why Battlefront 2 was better ^^
  9. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    I'm getting a little worried because they said there are no classes, a 40 player limit, and no space battles. Uh, Battlefield 3 and 4 had 64 players...
  10. dascoyne

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    I hope they still have the jump-dodge move.

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