Imperial shuttle kit from Korbanth


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The Imperial shuttle is a beautiful ship and I've always wanted a big model of it for display. I came across this kit from Korbanth:

While not exactly studio scale it's pretty big and on the pictures it looks good I think. Any one familiar with this? Is it worth the money? Are recent kits from Korbanth good? I tried to search the forums and found some mixed feedback, but difficult to sort the information I think.

What do you think?


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ok here is what i can say about the kit...i know it just from pictures and i would say the proportions are a bit off looks a bit too long for me and the upper transport space also looks too high if you compare it with the studio model, the studio model is a bit flatter overall and therefore looks more dynamic. on the other hand is 489$ a pretty good price. the only ships which are comparable that i know at the moment are the merlin models shuttle which is available in 2 different sizes (sorry ant tell you the exact scale) and the smaler one is alredy $1,249.99 the larger one is $2,499.99 unpainted of cause. the other option is still in design status and can be ordered from the fb groupe "sifi studio scale modellers" when it is available but i guess the price will also be higher then 489$ for the Korbanth kit.
here you can see some more pics of the Korbanth kit : KIT ALERT! Alfred Wong / Korbanth Sabers – 1/48 Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle

merlin models: Shuttle Studio Scale - Merlin Models

sifi studio scale modellers fb group: Scifi Studio Scale Modellers | Facebook

and this are a few preview pics frome the upcomming sifi studio scale modellers kit which looks very good:




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Thank you for the input! I think I'm gonna pass on it. I looked at the Merlin model. Looks fantastic! The sci-fi studio one also looks very promising.

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