Imperial Probe Droid Pod 232!!


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It has begun! A couple of years ago I started collecting the kits, and now I have them!

This will be my first studio scale build using all original kit parts! I chose this as my first project since the kits were readily available still and the assembly is fairly straight forward.

Tonight I laid out all the parts to ensure everything is accounted for. The plan is to mount it on a panavise. Tomorrow I will need to head to the hardware store to get something to bolt it up.

About the only part I am improvising on is the inside of the engine nozzle. I am not lighting the model and I can’t find any reference for what part might have been inside there, so I found a part of just wheel spokes to put inside to replicate a thruster.

Now to clean everything up and start assembling!! Though this topic has been done many times, I finally feel like I can contribute something here…


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Wow, I didn't realise there was so much repetition on this guy with the donor kits. Deceptively simple shape with a lot going on. But I guess that can be said for most Star Wars models.

I look forward to seeing this come together.


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Wow, I didn't realise there was so much repetition on this guy with the donor kits. Deceptively simple shape with a lot going on. But I guess that can be said for most Star Wars models.

I look forward to seeing this come together.
Yup, 5 of each kit. Each side of the hexagonal shape has the same parts.
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Next steps complete.

All parts cleaned trimmed and prepped. I also built the thruster shrouds, trimmed the grills from the RAD kit and made the small feet assemblies that sit on the nose. Last task for the night was to throw the Lotus chrome plated wheels into a zip lock bag with some over cleaner to strip off the chrome.

I fiddled around some more with the RAD bodies to figure out how I am going to tackle assembling them and making an attachment for the panovise. As time allows, major assembly should finished in the next few days.


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Pressing on, due to a winter storm rolling in I ducked out of work early and had more time to work on the pod.

I needed to create a component that would allow my panavise end to attach to the pod while providing support to the model and connecting the two ends.

I used several styrene tubes reinforced w/ 2-part epoxy to create a solid inner rod. This rod connects the thruster area pentagon with the larger nose pentagon. The tube at the nose end passes through the T34 wheel, I heated and stretched it slightly to provide a snug fit. I may fill that portion with JB Weld and then tap the hole to accept the threads for the panavise, or I might just glue it in, I am still undecided.

I also got the hull put together and started to build the rear thruster area, however, thank you to the input of others, it was pointed out that the rear thuster area is actually recessed and not flush, so I had to remove it and start over.

Wrapped the night up by test fitting my mount idea, which I am pleased with and then filling some gaps w/ Tamyia putty.

Once that is cleaned up I will start adding the detail bits on.


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Assembly is complete. I realize that there are a couple small bits that need to be rotated 180deg up near the nose. I have fixed those, easy fix, just haven updated the pics.

Sounds silly, but it feels like I am holding a part of history here. I have ordered some Archive-X for paint to try them out, so paint will be a couple weeks off yet.

Overall, very happy with how it has turned out!


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