Imperial officer/Solo/LukeROTJ boots.

I have purchased from Museum Replicas many times and if I had any issues with the product they took it back no questions asked. Make sure you check your sizing for boots and not just tennis shoes since the fit is very different. I have been wearing boots for over 30 years and they wear and move differently when you walk and run.
Hi there, I just went through a boots hunt myself. I'm on a budget, but I found a "swing" boot at a local tack shop. They aren't leather but vinyl and cost me $50 CAD.

You can check out my post #70...

The woman on the phone said that the Stratford Shakespeare Festival (play company) use to use these boots when they needed a lot of military boots for costumes.
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Before spending $225 bucks I would try eBay (depending on your size). Try searching "Riding boots, Military boot, and equestrian boots". I picked up a pair of Marlborough riding boots for less than 100 bucks. After a cleaning and a good polish they are perfect.
Those look pretty good. Just make sure they are at least 18" - 19" tall; they should come to just below the knee when worn...
Looking at a pair of MR boots myself. Anyone actually order a pair? Going to be doing an ANH Solo this year.

Same here....looking at a pair for another Vader. I've had or have Motor City Cowboy boots, Caboots, surplus military boots, etc and all are lacking in one way or another or aren't made any longer. It's particularly interesting that MR states that theirs are copied directly from a set in the LFL Archives.

Some feedback on the MR boots would be great.
Can anybody tell me if Front of Russia is still reliable? I've heard very mixed reviews, but everything is outdated. It looked like they weren't sending items out and were just taking people's money a couple years ago, but there's nothing about them lately, and it sounded like the items that weren't being sent were being made to order, where the tall boots are supposed to be surplus. I've already emailed him and he says he has my size in stock, I just wanted to check up on this before I risk sending the money.
Anybody? I tried signing up to Rebel Legion to ask the same question, but it's a ghost town over there.
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