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Star Wars Imperial Officer Hat - Olive/Gray Size Medium or Small

Buy now for 105.00 USD
You don't have the permission to purchase

38330-ImperialOfficerHat-0488_720x.jpg 38330-ImperialOfficerHat-0499_720x.jpg 38330-ImperialOfficerHat-0506_720x.jpg 38330-ImperialOfficerHat-0509_720x.jpg

I purchased this hat from Denuo Novo (formerly Anovos). It's brand new, sealed in the original shipping box.

The size is Medium (22-7/8" Head Circumference, 7-1/4" Hat Size),
however, these sizes run small, so if you're a size Small (22-1/8" Head Circumference, 7 Hat Size),
it should fit you.

All sales are final, so be sure and check your measurements before purchasing.
USPS Domestic Shipping is included.

If you are outside of the US, feel free to send me a pm with your country name and I can calculate a shipping price.
Any questions, feel free to send me a pm. Thanks.
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