Star Wars Imperial Officer - Director Krennic Tunic (Size Small) $3̶5̶0̶

Sold for 250 USD - Out of Stock
This STAR WARS™ Rogue One Director Krennic Tunic costume accessory was recreated using measurements and reference taken from the original screen-used production assets. Tunic is made of custom milled cavalry twill polyester. The fabrics have been dyed to match the color of the screen-used costume. Double pockets are located on the upper chest to add code cylinder accessories. Sew-on snaps are used to fasten the offset lapel. Clear sew-on snaps compatible with Imperial Admiral Cape (or can be removed if tunic is worn without cape). Eye hook clasps are used to fasten the collar. Code cylinders, rank badge, belt and belt buckle not included.

Condition: New, sealed in factory packaging...

: Small
Neck: 14-14½"
Chest: 36-38"
Waist: 29-31"
Body Length: 19-19½"
Arm Length: 32-33"

$350 new from Denuo Novo






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