Done / Completed Imperial Field Knife | Solo Concept (metal)


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OK officially opening up all the unpaid spots as per my post a while ago. These are now first come first serve. If you were previously on the list you can of course still purchase, but will be giving out the spots oldest to newest on that first come first serve basis. I want to get this run finished now, so the only finishing I will do on them is a bevel grind on the blade if you wish (i.e option A)
Just as a reminder:

  • Base kit is £60
  • UK Shipping £6.50, International, £20
  • Bevel grind on the edge (optional) £20
Please post in this thread if you'd like a kit, and I'll pm you. Payment is by Paypal to

Thank you everyone for supporting this run, and I still look forward to seeing what you do with the kits, or just seeing them in your collections or as part of cosplays :D


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Hi Dan, I just saw your post on FB and would be interested in purchasing a kit if there are any left?
I am UK based and would like the Bevel edge please.
Many thanks in advance!

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Received mine today. I couldn't stop working on it once I received it. Take a look. it is posted on my project build thread.



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In case you hadn't seen, all knife kits have now sold! Thank you everyone who bought a kit and I hope to see your progress on your builds! In case anyone missed out but still wants a piece of the action, I have uploaded my files to Shapeways so you can order some, or all of the parts you need to help with your own build

My shop is here: